In the Classroom

We offer a broad and diverse undergraduate curriculum focusing on the intertwined relationship between religion and politics across U.S. history, from the colonial era to the present. We also support early career scholars with fellowships that offer teaching and research opportunities at the Center.

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Our courses range widely in topics, but all focus on the cultivation of research and interpretive skills necessary for analyzing and responding to issues that shape society and culture in the United States.

Gateway Courses

Gateway courses are required for the minor in religion and politics and serve as an introduction to the field of study.

  • L57 RelPol 201

    Religion and American Society

    This course focuses on groups and movements that highlight distinctive ways of being both "religious" and "American," including the Americanization of global religions in the U.S. context.

  • L57 RelPol 225

    Religion and Politics in American History

    This course surveys the complex entanglements of religion and public life from the colonial era through the contemporary landscape.

  • L57 RelPol 210

    The Good Life between Religion and Politics

    This course considers the way religious and political thought has shaped considerations of the classical ethical question of how we should live.



Our courses cover a wide spectrum of topics related to the intersection of American religion and politics both historically and in the present. Select a semester to see our most recent course offerings or scroll to the bottom to view past courses.