Spring 2014 Courses Announced

line drawing of three people talking, one with a micrphone, superimposed on a wall of newspaper clippings

Center faculty will teach five courses for the Spring 2014 semester:

Religion in the African American Experience: A Survey (L57 RelPol 260)
Food Fights: The Politics of American Jewish Consumption, 1890-2014 (L57 RelPol 325)
Politics of Representation in American Religion: Media, Technology, and Display (L57 RelPol 380)
Mormonism and the American Experience (L57 RelPol 390)
Religion and the Politics of Place in Modern America (L57 RelPol 490)

See here for more information or go to WUCrsL and select “Arts & Sciences” under schools and then “Center on Religion and Politics” under departments.