In the Classroom

We offer a broad and diverse undergraduate curriculum focusing on the intertwined relationship between religion and politics across U.S. history, from the colonial era to the present. We also support early career scholars with fellowships that offer teaching and research opportunities at the Center.

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Travel and Research Support

The Center is pleased to offer support to undergraduate and graduate students at Washington University in St. Louis who pursue travel to academic conferences and research archives.

Please note this program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and will be resumed when the university supports such research and travel. For more information about the university’s response to COVID-19 please see here.

In order to promote scholarly independence, limited funding is available to Washington University undergraduate and graduate students for travel to academic conferences and research archives. These awards are intended to support and not to cover total expenses. Applications for travel support during fall semesters should be submitted by September 15 of each year and for spring semesters by January 30. Additional opportunities are available for extended summer research or internships.

Research Support Application:

  • One-page cover letter that introduces yourself and your project and that provides a timeline for the proposed or current project (including research, writing, and, if necessary, publishing)
  • Two-page summary of project and its relevance to studies of religion and politics in America (this should also include a working title)
  • One-page working bibliography
  • Projected total budget and specific desired contribution from the Center on Religion and Politics
  • One confidential letter of academic recommendation, preferably from the student’s major or graduate advisor

Please compile all requested materials, except for the confidential letter of recommendation, into a single pdf and send to by the designated deadline. Please contact Sheri Peña at (314) 935-9345 if you have any questions.