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We are a dedicated group of scholars and professionals working to support outstanding analysis of the historical and contemporary intertwining of religion and politics. Our aim is to educate students and the public through our courses, events, and publications, while modeling discussion and debate that values each person’s humanity as the cornerstone of a productive democracy. Watch our video below to learn more about us!

Fall 2021 Course Highlight

Scriptures and Cultural Traditions: Texts & Traditions

Students in this class are often engaged in provocative questions raised by Americans’ attachment to scriptural texts: how have readings of the Bible shaped Americans’ self-perceptions and popular culture such as films and music; why have Americans been so remarkably intent on embracing new scriptures, from the Book of Mormon to the teachings of Christian Science; what role do authoritative religious texts have in our democracy? Image: Sapho embrassant sa lyre by Jules Elie Delaunay 

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Upcoming Event

Reckoning with History: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

A discussion with Prof. David Kertzer and Fr. John Pawlikowski moderated by Maharat Rori Picker Neiss.


Latest from Our Journal

White Evangelical Racism: An Interview with Anthea Butler

By Eric C. Miller

“Racism is a feature, not a bug, of American evangelicalism,” Anthea Butler writes.


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Statement from Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship Cochairs Danielle Allen, Stephen Heintz, and Eric Liu on the events in Washington D.C.

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