Recruiting Young Love, How Christians Talk About Homosexuality

A public lecture by Mark D. Jordan, Harvard Divinity School.

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Women’s Building Formal Lounge Washington University in St. Louis

One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130


Mark Jordan gave a public lecture on the subject of his latest book, Recruiting Young Love: How Christians Talk About Homosexuality (University of Chicago Press, 2011). He discussed the rhetoric used by Christians to talk about sexuality over the past half-century – shedding light on one of the great “hot button” issues of our day.

About Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan is R. R. Niebuhr Professor in Harvard Divinity School and Professor of Studies in Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He taught previously at the University of Notre Dame and Emory University. Jordan’s interests range across the rhetoric of Christian ethics, the history of sex and gender, the limits of theological language, and the liturgical creation of religious identities. His books include The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology (1997); The Ethics of Sex (2002); Telling Truths in Church: Scandal, Flesh, and Christian Speech (2003); Rewritten Theology: Aquinas after His Readers (2006); and Recruiting Young Love: How Christians Talk about Homosexuality (2011). He is currently at work on a book about Foucault, religion, poetry, and bodily resistance.


  • Mark D. Jordan

    Reverend Priscilla Wood Neaves Distinguished Professor of Religion and Politics