Tiffany Stanley

  • Managing Editor, Religion & Politics Online Journal
  • 1050 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036
  • (202) 772-3141

Tiffany Stanley is Managing Editor of Religion & Politics, the John C. Danforth Center’s online journal. She brings a strong background in the journalism and publishing world, as well as in religion and politics. Prior to coming the Center, she worked for The New Republic, Harvard Magazine, and Religion News Service. Her articles on religion and politics have appeared in, among other publications, USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Christian Century, and The Salt Lake Tribune. She holds a B.A. in journalism and a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia, in addition to a Master of Divinity from Harvard University.

Tiffany Stanley is on leave until September 2019; please contact Monique Parsons at with questions or submissions.