L57 RelPol 285

Islam in America

Spring 2020, M/W 10:00–11:20AM

This course examines the notion of a religiously plural America and analyzes Muslims’ place within it.

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In this course, we examine the notion of a religiously plural America and analyze Muslims’ place within it. We consider the ways that American Muslims both shape and are shaped by U.S. society as both religious actors with autonomy and as a marginalized outgroup. In our approach to understanding Islam in America, we will use the category of race to explore three major themes: the history of Muslims in the U.S., the lived experiences of American Muslims including how they engage sacred texts and rituals, and the phenomenon of Islamophobia.

  • This was an amazing class, and I learned so much from it.  

    — Spring 2020

  • The professor was very open–open minded and was amazing at facilitating conversation.

    — Spring 2020