2019-2020 Colloquium on American Religion, Politics, and Culture

The John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics sponsors an ongoing colloquium to foster discussion of new scholarship in the broad domains of American religion, politics, and culture. It is a research-oriented workshop that aims to build a multidisciplinary community among students, fellows, and faculty, all drawn to the intellectual questions that animate the Center’s work.

In the upcoming academic year, the colloquium will meet on various Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30p.m.* in the Center’s seminar room (Umrath Hall 116), followed by refreshments and time for informal conversation. Papers for the colloquium will be distributed electronically a week in advance. If you need more information or would like to be added to the mailing list for the colloquium, please contact Professor Fannie Bialek (abialek@wustl.edu).

September 5, 2019
Cyrus O’Brien (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics),
“A Normal Life: Cultivating Dignity in an American Prison”

September 26, 2019
Tazeen Ali (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics),
“Reading the Qur’an in English: Interpretative Authority at the Women’s Mosque of America”

October 17, 2019
Molly Farneth (Haverford College Religion),
“The Politics of Ritual: Power, Justice, and Freedom”

October 31, 2019*
*Please note time Change: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Elena Kravchenko (WashU Religious Studies),
“Sacred Fight Against Racism: The Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black and the Retelling of African American History Through Orthodox Christian Forms”

November 14, 2019
Charlie McCrary (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics), “Inquiry into the Calculative Nature of Secularism”

December 5, 2019
Miriam Levin (Case Western Reserve History),
“Missionary Moderns: Protestant Women Export Progress in the Era of American Internationalism”

January 16, 2020
John Inazu (Danforth Center/WashU Law),
“Beyond Unreasonable”

January 30, 2020
Lerone Martin (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics), “Apostles of Justice: the Religious Culture of the FBI”

February 13, 2020
Marie Griffith (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics), “Ghosts of Coverture”

February 27 , 2020
Rachel Lindsey (St. Louis University Theology),
“Lady of the Lens: Religion and Visual Grammers of American Citizenship in the Photographs of Margaret Bourke-White”
March 19, 2020
Mark McGarvie (William & Mary Law School),
“The Death of the Religious Right?: Obergefell, Same-Sex Marriage and a New Secularism for America”

April 2, 2020
Dana Lloyd (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics), “Wilderness in American Political Thought”
April 16, 2020
Fannie Bialek (Danforth Center on Religion and Politics), “Particularity and Democratic Love”