Colloquium on American Religion, Politics, and Culture

The Danforth Center on Religion and Politics sponsors an ongoing colloquium to foster discussion of new scholarship in the broad domains of American religion, politics, and culture. It is a research-oriented workshop that aims to build intellectual community among students, fellows, and faculty drawn from many disciplines by the questions that animate the Center’s work.

In the upcoming academic year the colloquium will meet on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Danforth Center seminar room (Umrath Hall 116), followed by refreshments and time for informal conversation. Papers for the colloquium will be distributed electronically a week in advance. If you need more information or would like to be added to the mailing list for the colloquium, please write to Professor Laurie Maffly-Kipp ,

2014-15 Schedule

September 11
Discussion, “Is the Public Square Still Naked?”

October 9
Lauren Turek (WU R&P), “From Prayer Requests to Political Activism: Religious Freedom and the Emergence of an Evangelical Foreign Policy Lobby”

October 23
Stephen Prothero (Boston University), “Prohibition and Repeal: A Prelude to the Contemporary Culture Wars?”

November 13
Stephanie Wolfe (WU R&P), “‘Seeing God, Seeing Injustice: Evangelical Practices of Perception in Post-Industrial Urban America”

November 20
Marie Griffith (WU R&P), “Planning Parenthood: Science, Sex Education, and Mary Steichen Calderone”

December 4
Laurie Maffly-Kipp (WU R&P), “’Practice Makes Perfect’: Mormons and the Politics of Cultural Representation”

December 11
Maryam Kashani (WU R&P), “Making Malcolm Muslim: the Invocation of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz in American Islam”

January 15
Ronit Stahl (WU R&P), “The Myth of Separation of Church and State: Lessons from the Military Chaplaincy”

January 29
Lerone Martin (WU R&P), “You Owe J. Edgar Hoover an Apology!” Elder Lightfoot Michaux, Martin Luther King, Jr., the FBI, and the Religious Conflict Over Civil Rights

February 12
Leigh Schmidt (WU R&P), “The Secular Pilgrim: The Liberal Course of Protestantism”

February 26
Darren Dochuk (WU R&P), “’Chasin’ the Boom’: The Faith, Politics, and Crises of Crude in Texas’ Gusher Age”

March 5
Rachel Lindsey (WU R&P), “This Barbarous Practice’: Southern Churchwomen in the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching, 1930-1942”

March 26
Karen Smyth (SLU), “’Some things that are true are not very useful’: Mormon Authorities, Intellectuals, and Feminists, 1992-2002”

April 9
Mark Valeri (WU R&P), “Transatlantic Travels, Comparative Religions, and the Meaning of Belief During the Eighteenth Century”