Cassie Adcock

  • Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Busch Hall 119
  • (314) 935-9345

Cassie Adcock is Associate Professor in the Department of History and in the religious studies program at Washington University in St. Louis. She specializes in religion in the political culture of modern north India. Her first book, The Limits of Tolerance: Indian Secularism and the Politics of Religious Freedom (Oxford University Press, 2013), addresses the politics of religious conversion in India by providing a critical history of Tolerance, a secularist ideal central to the Gandhian tradition. Her current book project traces the long history of cow protection in north India from 1881 until 1969. “Cow protectionist” demands for a legal ban on cow slaughter have been a central feature of Indian politics since the nineteenth century, and continue today. Focusing instead on cattle-shelter institutions or gaushalas, Adcock situates cow protection against a history of agricultural and dairy development. Her work has been supported by a Fulbright Scholar Award, an NEH-AIIS Senior Research Fellowship, and a Kluge Fellowship. Adcock earned her Ph.D. from University of Chicago. Adcock will be on research leave for the 2015-16 academic year.